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We are proud of our products here at the Milling Cutters Store and we offer great quality cutters at extremely competitive prices.

We hope you agree with us that our tools offer fantastic value for money. We don't have a massive range at the moment but what we do offer we stock well and believe them to be some of the most common cutters on the market.

The story of this store starts from myself getting frustrated with tooling suppliers over-charging for average cutters and also having to pay top dollar to buy via Tooling distributors so we decided to produce our own range. Rest assured these tools have been tested and perform very well and you will not be disappointed.

At the Milling Cutter store we will offer free delivery on all orders over £10 and if you would like to try our cutters for a trial contact us and we will provide you with a discount code for a 20% discount.

We would also love to hear from you whether you wish to share your great results or your cost savings using our tools or if you would like us to look at any other tooling you would consider buying from us.

Thanks and all the best

Milling cutters store

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